Power Plant Services (PPS) New Logo and Brand Style

See PPS’ New and Refreshed Logo and Brand Style

Power Plant Services (PPS) has an exciting update about our company’s brand image.

For over two decades, PPS has served a diverse range of industrial markets and clients, delivering technical solutions in an ever-changing environment. Today, our involvement in the Power Generation, Utilities, Pulp & Paper, Refineries, and Steel Mill industries continues to provide world-class services and consumable equipment for both end users and OEMs.

As a premier provider of turnkey solutions for these industries, PPS has always set its sights beyond the horizon, ensuring our sustainable growth by maintaining the highest standards in engineering, design, manufacturing, and customer service. We are known for our adherence to industry standards, but also for excelling them. Still, we know it is important to continue to push ourselves to do more.

Every team member at PPS is committed to excel and deliver beyond our customers highest expectations—and we are now revitalizing the company brand to communicate our commitment, vibrance and energy in a different light. The world’s top brands and OEMs often explore ways to refresh their brand every decade, seeking to align with the visual styling on the times and we are no different.

PPS is excited to share with you its new branding and visual style—starting with a refreshed and modern company logo—that brings together legacy elements, but also gets us excited about the direction where our growth is taking us.

Power Plant Services (PPS) Logo - Full Color

The new PPS logo reflects its legacy as a leading power plant services provider while communicating its growth and brand power as it expands into new industries and markets.

The PPS rebranding is allowing us to create an inspiring marketing platform for engaging new markets and industries, while maintaining the core values PPS is known for by our existing customers.

The logo still contains elements that connect us to the power generation industry, but it also leans forward to show we are in constant motion, seeking new opportunities and clients in other industries.

The opportunity to tell our story with the enhanced branding is only the beginning. Over the next month we will be launching a new website that incorporates the new visual styling. We have also streamlined the way our offerings are presented, making it easier to navigate and understand our services—and how these can benefit you, our valued customers.

We hope you are as excited about this rekindling of the PPS visual brand and messaging. The entire PPS family is looking forward to the next two decades—and beyond—as your premier provider of power plant equipment services, consumable parts, and raw materials.

Let’s continue this amazing journey together as PPS keeps makes the future a reality—today.